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About Us

Florida's First

Edible Shop. 

Mama Munchies is a one-of-a-kind store that boasts over 50+ different varieties of cannabis infused edibles. From classic gummies to freshly baked cookies and even cannabis infused beverages, there's something for everyone at Mama Munchies.


From the very start, we wanted to offer something unique - a retail experience that blended quality cannabis products with an expert team of staff members. 


We believe that edibles could be more than just an alternative to smoking, but a way to share the experience in a format that everyone is familiar with- food!


Since opening its doors, Mama Munchies has quickly become a beloved destination for Floridians and tourists alike. The shop's success has led to partnerships with other stores throughout the state, bringing Mama Munchies' unique retail experience to even more people.


Mama Munchies is actively involved in advocating for the legalization of cannabis across the country, recognizing the potential benefits it could have for both individuals and society as a whole.


At Mama Munchies, the mission is simple - to provide a safe, fun, and accessible way for people to explore the world of cannabis infused edibles. 

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