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Our Ethos

At Mama Munchies, we believe that edibles are the future of cannabis. When we first opened our doors on Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we noticed that edibles were almost non-existent in the market. We knew that changes had to be made to make edibles accessible to a mainstream audience. That's why we created Mama Munchies with four key pillars in mind:

  1. Making Edibles Accessible: Our first goal has always been to bring low-dosed cannabis products to a mainstream market, where they can coexist with other products like beer and wine. With Mama Munchies, we're making that vision a reality, by providing a convenient, accessible way for all adults to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

  2. Low To Moderate Dose: We aim to change the perception of what an edible is. Many people have had negative experiences with edibles, often due to homemade edibles with extremely high doses of THC. At Mama Munchies, we offer low to moderately dosed edibles that can be shared with anyone you're with, regardless of their tolerance to THC.

  3. Consistent Doses that You Feel Quickly: Let's be honest, no one wants to play edible roulette. All of our edibles are precisely dosed and labeled accordingly. We use a unique way of utilizing Water Soluble/Nano THC, which allows us to provide the most consistent dose in each edible. Our process ensures that you feel the effects of our products quickly and accurately.

  4. Focus on Flavor First: At Mama Munchies, we're passionate about flavor and quality. We're committed to making the best-tasting edibles possible, even if it means using more expensive ingredients or making a less mass-produced product. We believe that edibles should be a treat and part of an experience, and that's why we put flavor first.

We're committed to providing the best edibles on the market, and we're excited to share our passion for cannabis with you.


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